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The is a risk of oral accidents and injuries in sports, recreation and everyday life. This is devastating, as a lifetime of hard-work can be erased in a single moment. A mouthguard can be used To protect your smile against damage.

Mouth guards are often most effective when they are customized and designed for your specific dental profile. Your dentist will be able to craft a mouth guard that can fit your exact dental profile. Another form of mouth guard known as a boil and bite mouthguard is also designed to adapt to your dental impression. However, if you would like a mouth guard that is not customized, stock guards can be purchased ready to use from several stores throughout the country.

A mouthguard is no good if it is not cared for properly. Always make sure you are taking care of it to prevent wear and tear and contamination. Make sure to always rinse it off with cool, soapy water and wash them thoroughly before placing your mouth guard back into your mouth. You should also brush your mouthguard after every use. If you notice any signs of wear, visit your dentist for a replacement. Young children often need to replace their mouth guards more often as their mouths are changing and growing. Remember to never leave your mouth guard sitting out in the sun or in a place where pets or young siblings have access to it.

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