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Chronic dry mouth occurs when your mouth experiences a lack of saliva. For a better understanding of why this is harmful and how to combat it, read below:

– Saliva is important for your oral health because it neutralizes acids on your teeth, washes away harmful bacteria, and helps keep your mouth fresh from food particles.
– Side effects of dry mouth consist of an amplified risk of tooth decay, a sore throat, issues breathing or swallowing, and difficulty chewing properly.
– If you have a dry mouth, this may be an indication of a rare autoimmune disease known as Sjogren’s syndrome, in which your body’s immune system inadvertently attacks the salivary glands and other glands in your body.
– Dry mouth is a risk factor for other more serious oral health conditions, such as gum disease and cavities.
– Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of products. It may be a side effect of a certain medication that you are taking.

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