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Protect your health by getting screened for oral cancer. Although cancers can easily go unnoticed before symptoms begin to appear, screenings are vital to ensure the disease is caught fast enough to ensure a successful recovery rate. Over 40,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Common symptoms of oral cancer are as follows:

Visible Signs: Visible signs of oral cancer include swelling and eroded areas in and around the mouth as well as drastic weight loss that is not easily explained.
Excessive Bleeding: If your mouth and gums tend to bleed for long periods of time and continue to bleed, you should get an oral cancer screening.
Pain and Discomfort: Many aches and pains within your mouth and jaw area may be attributable to oral cancer.
Numbness: A common sign of oral cancer includes numbness or loss of feeling in the face, neck, ears, jaw, and throat areas.
Sores and Lesions: Sores and lesions may be present.
Lumps and Bumps: Abnormal lumps, bumps, or rises may exist.
Sore Throat: An excessive sore throat that lingers or continues to return could be a sign.

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